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Domain Drop Catching Services

  • .nz New Zealand Domains
  • .uk United Kingdom
  • Other Domain Dropcatching
  • Pay Only When Caught
  • Only £25 Per Domain
  • Email us: [email protected]

NZ Domain Name Drop Catching

Domain name Drop-Catching (or also known as Back Ordering) is the process of monitoring a domain name that is expired (or PendingRelease in the NZ registry) that has not been renewed and is due to be released and made available for public registration.

We will attempt to register this domain name on your behalf.

If you are interested in us trying to catch .nz domain names for you, please email: [email protected]

  • If no one had already booked the domain name, you can book it.
  • You will need to give us around 24 hours notice, longer on weekends.
  • Send a registration fee / catch fee of £25 GBP to [email protected] along with the domain you want catching. .UK Domain Name Dropcatching available here.
  • Un-caught domain fees will be refunded in 24 hours (unless you have another catch you would like us to try for you later on).
  • We do not maintain a .nz domain name list yet. See for an active list of expired domain names.
  • Multiple domain name catch requests are welcome.
  • Caught domain names are registered for 1 month. Once caught will be transferred to you, registrant transfer costs may apply.

Complete the below details and email to us, these are the domain name registation details if caught by us for you. Make sure it is correct, email this to us with your request and payment.



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Standard Domain Name Pricing

.info Global $17.00
.xyz Global $15.00
.tv Global Tv $40.00
.tel Global $16.00
.org Global $16.54
.biz Global $17.10
.in India $10.00
.cc Cocos Is. $46.00
.mx Mexico $58.00
.im Isle of Man $20.00
.ws Samoa $29.00
.sx Sint Maarten $35.00 South Africa $7.00
.ru Russia $42.00
.de Germany $8.66
.eu Europe $9.41
.be Belgium $8.76
.it Italy $10.46
.at Austria $16.76
.fr France $11.52
.uk England $8.77 England $8.77 England $8.77
.nl Netherlands $8.74
.pl Poland $20.60